Locally Grown, Family Run

Built in 1939 on a picturesque ridge running between Bridgewater and Roxbury, Connecticut, Greyledge Farm has been owned by Terry and Libby Fitzgerald since 1993. With a deep interest in agriculture and preserving Connecticut’s agrarian past, as well as a passion for the “locavore” food movement, the Fitzgeralds began raising Black Angus cattle to provide family, friends and the neighboring community with a local product of the highest quality.

The primary focus of Greyledge Farm continues to be defined by best farm practices, the humane treatment of our animals and a high level of environmental consciousness, including the use of solar and wind power on our farm properties.

Our animals graze freely on verdant grass pastures with access to the fresh, clean water of the Shepaug River Valley. They are never closely confined, nor given supplemental growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics. Simply put, we are turning back the clock to produce beef, pork and poultry that tastes the way it did several decades ago when it was raised on small, family farms.

Our Greyledge Farm Family

As hands-on owners, the Fitzgerald family is dedicated to quality and excellence in every aspect of Greyledge Farm. They have spent countless hours building their herd and perfecting the product so they can offer it selectively to gourmet retailers in New York City and the Hamptons, as well as in select New York City and regional restaurants, farm stands and green markets.